Registering Tim Tebow and Tom Brady to Vote in Minnesota

Written by Derek Brigham.

This just in from James O'Keefe and Project Veritas by way of Roger Simon at PJ Media:

On the day of the Minnesota Caucus, shocking video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas – broken here first at PJ Media – shows how easy it is to register NFL stars Tim Tebow, Tom Brady and practically anybody else to vote in that state.

No identification of any sort is needed, just a name! In fact, you can take 20 application forms home, fill them in, check the “no ID” slot and batch register people in absentia. Even local election officials are dismayed with the complete lack of authentication of any sort. On the video, they admit “We’re not the police.”

The above version is ten minutes. Full uncut one-hour version is coming shortly. Check back here.

Minnesota voter registration form – note third slot for registering without identification.

If you can help in the voter integrity effort here in Minnesota, Please contact Janet Beihoffer.

Post from PJ Media