Because Larry Pogemiller Is Smarter Than You -- Just Ask Him

Written by Barry Hickethier.

On Saturday March 8, 2008 State Senator Larry Pogemiller and State Representative Phyllis Kahn held a town a meeting at the Brian Coyle Center in South Minneapolis. The advertised purpose of the meeting was to get feedback from constitutients on topics like the state budget, the gas tax and transportation funding. In reality, it was a way for these two long-time DFL encumbants to tell you what they think of your ability (or lack thereoff) to think and act for yourself. Direct from Senator Pogemiller...

"I think it's simplistic and naive to say people can spend their money better than the government."

and he went on to include...

"The notion that everybody can individually spend their money better than government I, I just think is trite, wrongheaded and anti-democratic."

Anti-democratic to believe I can spend my money better than the goverment can? Please, Senator, spend some of that hefty per-diem you voted yourself on purchasing a new dictionary. While you are at it, look up elitist, arrogant and demeaning.

However, perhaps Senator Pogemiller is correct. After all, even though he insults and degrades their ability to think and do for themselves, his constituents continually vote him back into office to deliver more abuse.

Take a listen for yourself.

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